Friday, November 20, 2015

On Set! The Drop!

Last Saturday, I was in another spec commercial titled "The Drop" for Digital Boy Film Works.  The Drop is Digital Boy Film Works' latest entry to the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest.  
Apparently, Doritos allows for each person or company to enter more than one commercial (I think the entry limit is ten).

I acted in their first entry, The Steal,  a few weeks ago.  The link to that post can be found here:

While Mark Solari and the director Jesse McCullough chatted and reviewed their experiences on The Steal, the two of them ended up brainstorming a few more ideas for other possible commercials.  Eventually, they came up with an idea to mimic the famous scene in "All The Presidents Men" between Robert Redford and Hal Holbrook, where reporter Bob Woodward confronts Deep Throat in a parking garage.  

The idea, the style, the imagery, and the absurdity of turning that scene into a Doritos commercial stuck with Mark and Jesse.  By Saturday, Mark and I were once again traveling out past Newark to Bloomfield, NJ.  

While waiting for the cinematographer Heseti Kheper, the three of us watched the scene a few times to get the flow and then tried our best to brainstorm a script and a shot list.  Once Heseti arrived, we traveled to a local parking garage near the local New Jersey Transit train stop.  The sun had set and the Fall evening temperatures dropped dramatically.  

Although a new parking garage and on a Saturday where the train only came every two hours, the garage was wildly and strangely busy.  Several times during shooting, Jesse and Heseti had to quickly move out of the way of oncoming traffic careening around the corner.  The situation reminded me of playing street hockey and stick ball on the streets where I grew up.  

I borrowed one of Mark's larger trench coats and stuffed a bag of Doritos inside the flap.  We covered a lot of ground and many takes in a short amount of time.  Once Mark had eaten almost the whole bag of Doritos and I started to lose feeling in my feet due to the cold and the concrete, we were done and hurried off back to Jesse's house.  

Jesse and Heseti came up with a finished product that night, and easily made the Sunday deadline for all entries.  

The commercial can be seen here:

However both entries are now up on the Doritos site so please go and vote!!

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