Monday, November 2, 2015

On Set! The Steal!

Yesterday I took part in Digital Boy Film Works' entry for the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Contest, a commercial, titled The Steal!
I've worked with the guys at Digital Boy Film Works, Jessie McCullough and Heseti Kheper, a few times, most recently on their webseries The Bench.

The link to the post about that shoot can be seen here:

About a week ago, my friend and frequent co-star, Mark Solari, reached out and asked if I was able to be in the project.  The weeks have been flying by, and I had to attend a wedding the day before, but I was more than happy to work with everyone again.  Plus, Jessi and Heseti were anxious to test out their new Canon EOS camera.  

Mark and I traveled out from the city to film in a beautiful park in Glennridge, New Jersey.  

My scenes included the Jamaican born actress Kameka Linton playing my girlfriend.  Mark plays a park creeper stealing my Doritos.  He then is chased through the park by a classic horror villain.  

The shoot was very quick, efficient and lots of fun! 

I know the odds are stacked against winning, but still fun to put and entry in.  You can check out the final cut here:

Talking movies with Heseti

Watching the shot set up

Having a quick laugh

Kameka and Dave, the "Jason" of the shoot!

Mobile production unit

Mark, with perfect product placement running through the swamps of Jersey

Capturing Dave running through the woods

Jessie and Heseti appreciating a take

Dave running past me

Everyone get their cameras out

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