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365 2/6

That you didn't want me
you didn't love me no more

Set the DVR! - Deadly Sins Season 3 Episode 3

(pic is from actress Chrissy Laboy)

The latest episode of Deadly Sins that I shot last August is airing this Saturday February 8th at 9pm on the Investigation Discovery Network.  

Here's the info:

Investigation Discovery's true crime series Deadly Sins is now in it's 3rd season.  Hosted by Criminal Behavior Expert Darren Kavinoky, this popular series airs on Saturdays at 9PM Eastern // 6PM Pacific time.  This fifth of ten new episodes of the 3rd season is titled Killing Can Be a Drag featuring the deadly sinful killer Dr. Richard Sharpe, as well as a 2nd story featuring Ken Carpenter.
If you're not already a devoted fan of Investigation Discovery (ID) network, you can quickly find the channel on your TV by going to the following Channel Finder link and entering your zip code and cable carrier.  Start by clicking on this link:

Should be a fun episode, although after watching South Park's parody of the 'murder porn' genre, I find the laughable moments even funnier!  

here's a link to my previous post about being on set:

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365 2/2

Heard the sound of clown who cried in the alley

July, 2013 - Older Now

Made on 35mm film using a Lomokino.

Click on movie to play.  For best effect , play on full screen with good sound.
The song is Older Now by Grant Lee Philips off of the Little Moon Album. I do not own the rights and only for personal use.
On July 2nd of 2013 my nephew turned 7. Later that week that month, my father brought him to the East Coast from Seattle to spend his first summer vacation without his parents. My parents and I stuffed his schedule with several mini-trips and experiences. We traveled to Philadelphia, New York City, Pittsburgh, and the Jersey Shore. Along the way we made sure he connected with our extended family and friends and did our best to document his adventures.
Knowing that the next visit from my nephew might not be for another year, we wanted to make sure he had several images that would strengthen and reinforce his memories of his brief stay.