Thursday, February 28, 2013

365 2/28

Set the DVR! - Deadly Sins

The episode of Deadly Sins that I shot last December is airing this Saturday at 9pm on Discovery ID.

Here's the info:

Investigation Discovery's true crime series Deadly Sins is now in it's 2nd season.  Hosted by Criminal Behavior Expert Darren Kavinoky, this popular series airs on Saturdays at 9PM Eastern // 6PM Pacific time.  The eighth of ten new episodes of the season is titled "Mommy’s Little Killersin which a greed-riddled, monstrous mom forms a kiddie hit squad made up of her own innocent children and their friends, forcing them to commit bloody murder.  And in the same episode, a brazen hussy, her demented brother and their unscrupulous mother commit a vile sin that goes undiscovered for 30 years.

If you're not already a devoted fan of Investigation Discovery (ID) network, you can find the channel on your TV by going to the following Channel Finder link and entering your zip code and cable carrier.  Start by clicking on this link:

I haven't seen any of the finished product, this will be as new to me as you.  Set the DVR and tune in to see me on the small screen.  Or, since some homes have TVs that are larger than movie screens, on the large screen.  

Here's the link to a previous post that I made about shooting the episode: 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

365 2/21

On Set - The Revenge of Places Please!

In December, Rodney, Rachel and I began filming new episodes of Places Please.

Surprisingly, we last shot an episode almost three years ago.

When the first season ended, we fully intended to take a small break and then pick up the three story arcs that were outlined during the filming of the first three stories.

However, other projects, city life, and work lead to us taking a longer break than planned.

Weeks turned into months.  Months turned into years.  Places Please was never far from our hearts, just far enough away not to be tangible.

Friends and fans who had enjoyed the show began asking us when the next season would start filming.  We always had the same answer, "as soon as we can coordinate our schedules, we'll start again."

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

On Set - NYU Film (February)

This past weekend I was in an NYU film.  This short was written and directed by Marilu, who was the Director of Photography on Kyle's NYU film that was shot in December.

Marilu had an idea of doing the whole movie in front of a green screen.  The actors act in front of a blank canvas and the background sets are digitally placed in post-production.

The movie is roughly about a pack of sociopathic high school girls.  I play a teacher that takes advantage of one of the students and eventually has his comeuppance.

Marilu rented renovated warehouse space in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn along with all the necessary equipment.

Unfortunately, the weekend for shooting also happened to be the weekend of the winter storm Nemo.

365 2/12