Friday, August 28, 2015

365 8/28

Publish Enemies

New Professional Acting Reel on Vimeo and YouTube

The new Reel is finally done.  Many thanks to my friend, co-founder, co-producer, co-star, Rodney Reyes who helped me sift through hours of material and piece together a coherent piece of some of the work I've done.  Also, Rodney did the heavy lifting of not only editing the piece, but dealing with my constant revisions.  

The following reel includes clips from National Geographic's 'History of the Mob,' an episode from the second season of 'Deadly Sins,' and a clip from Ben Bentsman's short film 'Husband and Wife.'  

The first link is to Vimeo, where the quality is higher.  

The second is where the clip rests on YouTube.